Do you use our facilities more than 3 times per week? If you do, did you know that we can save you money?  

With one of our value for money Subscriptions you'll have access to 8 Leisure Facilities across Shetland. We offer a wide range of top class facilities, activities and classes.

By signing up today, you will be able to start enjoying unlimited use of the gym, swimming pool, health facilites and varied range of fitness classes on offer at your local centre. 

Whatever type of exercise you fancy doing, be it a swim in the pool, a workout session in the gym or a fitness class we are confident that we can offer you a subscription that will fit in with your lifestyle.    

Do you live in a rural area of Shetland and only wish to use your local centre or one near by? No problem, we have you covered with our Rural Subscription option. 

Or are you a company with 3 or more employees? Did you know that we offer discounted rates to companies for all of our SRT and Rural Subscriptions. For more information please click on the 'Corporate Subscription' tab to the top left hand side of your screen. 

Our Subscription Options: 

The Aqua, Bronze, Sliver or Gold  SRT Subscription, gives you unlimited access to your chosen leisure activities at Clickimin Leisure Complex and any of our Rural Centres. 

The Aqua, Bronze, Silver or Gold Rural Subscription, gives you unlimited access to your chosen leisure activities at any Rural Centre and a 50% discount on the same leisure activities on offer at Clickmin Leisure Complex.

Please click here to view a list of leisure activities that we have on offer across our 8 Leisure Facilities. 

Terms and Conditions Apply

If you wish to purchase a Subscription please contact your local Centre reception.

Please note that the first monthly direct debit instalment is taken on acceptance of the completed application and includes a £30 administration fee.

Aqua - Swimming
1 Month - SRT£32.30£25.40
1 Month - RURAL£24.15£20.75
Annual - SRT£270.00£183.00
Annual - RURAL£177.00£132.00
Direct Debit - SRT£22.50£15.25
Direct Debit - RURAL£14.75£11.00
Bronze - Health Suite & Swim
1 Month - SRT£50.65£38.05
1 Month - RURAL£35.75£30.00
Annual - SRT£495.00£333.00
Annual - RURAL£309.00£234.00
Direct Debit - SRT£41.25£27.75
Direct Debit - RURAL£25.75£19.50
Silver - Gym
1 Month - SRT£43.80£35.75
1 Month - RURAL£35.75£30.00
Annual - SRT£408.00£306.00
Annual - RURAL£309.00£234.00
Direct Debit - SRT£34.00£25.50
Direct Debit - RURAL£25.75£19.50
Gold - Gym, Health Suite, Swim & All Studio Classes
1 Month - SRT£65.60£50.65
1 Month - RURAL£49.55£40.30
Annual - SRT£678.00£489.00
Annual - RURAL£486.00£366.00
Direct Debit - SRT£56.50£40.75
Direct Debit - RURAL£40.50£30.50