Sport and Activities

Shetland Recreational Trust offers a number of sporting activities both indoor and outdoor.

Members can book using our online booking service up to 7 days in advance. If you are not yet a member, contact your local centre, who will be happy to take your details and provide you with your login details.

Reception can also provide any existing member with their login details.  

Cancellation Policy: We allow you to move your booking up to 6 hours before and within seven days of the time of your booking. If you cancel on the day of your booking you will be charged the full amount.


Swimming is great for maintaining health and fitness, leisure swimming with your family or simply to relax and unwind. We have range of classes and activities that can be enjoyed by everyone. Please view our pool’s swimming timetables or junior activity guides for details.


Enjoy a workout, get fit, relax and socialise in one of our gyms which includes top of the range equipment in a safe and social environment. We welcome people of all ages and abilities, young, old, experienced or beginner. If you haven’t already started, now is the time!

Fitness Classes

Working out in a group is motivational, sociable and will get you into shape. We have an extensive range of classes to choose from for all ages and abilities. Whether you are a beginner or experienced there is a class to suite everyone. Please view our Fitness Class Timetables for details.


Badminton is a two or four player racquet sport and is great for all round fitness. If you are looking for a game which is social, fun and easy to learn, badminton is for you.


Basketball is a ball game that includes shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding and much more. It can be played by people of all ages and abilities and is a great way to stay active.

Indoor Bowls

Bowling is both fun and sociable. It provides healthy exercise and can be played by people of all ages. All the equipment you need is available for hire from our reception. Shetland Indoor Bowling Club play on tuesday nights and welcome new members. For more details please contact reception.

Cricket Nets

During the winter months you can maintain or develop your bowling and batting skills at our practise nets.  All equipment can be supplied to accommodate players of any ability.


Fencing is a fun, exciting sport; simple and cheap to start and keeps both your body and brain active! With 3 different weapons and a range of fun activities using foam and plastic swords, there is something for everyone and every age.  Coaching sessions are offered by the local fencing club, please contact reception for details.


Football is an ever growing popular team game which can be enjoyed by anyone; all you need is a ball and a group of friends! We have a range of facilities from sports halls for indoor training or social games (one, two or three court), to traditional grass pitches including one all-weather pitch.

Indoor Hockey

Indoor hockey is a smaller quicker version of outdoor field hockey played in our main hall.  Teams of normally 5 people make this a fast flowing, end to end sport.  Indoor hockey leagues are run through the winter months; please contact reception for more details.


Netball helps to develop a high level of aerobic fitness, involving running, jumping, short/sharp sprints and quick changes in direction, all of which provides a good cardiovascular workout and over time will improve your fitness. We have court space and equipment available for those looking to perfect their netball skills or simply enjoy a social team game. There is a Shetland Junior Netball Development Club and a Senior Ladies Netball League which runs mostly on a wednesday night, please ask reception for contact details.

Short Tennis

Short Tennis is a great introduction to racquet sports, with its soft ball, and lower net than tennis it’s an ideal introduction to tennis and other racquet sports.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a fun game which can be enjoyed by all the family. It’s a great way to stay active while learning some valuable skills and developing better hand/eye coordination.


Trampolining helps to improve balance, coordination and self-confidence and is a great way to release built up energy. Bouncing on a trampoline is fun and includes many physical and mental benefits. We have a range of junior classes available to help your children bounce their way to learning and improving some key life skills.


Squash is a game which can be played at any level, whether it’s for leisure or as a competitive sport. Squash includes running, leaping, dodging and diving for the ball. It will increase your strength, flexibility and agility and improve your hand-eye coordination. We have a range of squash courts and equipment available for hire.


Racketball is the UK’s fastest growing sport! It is played on any regular squash court and is similar to squash. In racketball a larger ball, which does not need warming up like in squash, and a shorter racket are used.

The fact that the ball is bigger, more bouncy and does not need warming up means that the rallies last longer, as the ball moves slower giving the opponent more time to react and get to the ball. The shorter racket also helps with hand eye coordination making the ball easier to strike. Overall this makes the game much easier to pick up than many other sports like squash or tennis. Racketball is said to be, "Easy to learn yet difficult to master" which is one of the key factors in the sports recent growth.


It doesn’t matter how old you are, how fit you are, Volleyball is loads of fun and a very social game. It is the only hi-energy, zero body contact mixed team sport you can play indoors - whatever your ability. Volleyball can enhance your life, improving fitness and coordination. Give volleyball a go and find out why it is one of the top three most-played sports in the world!


For all ages and abilities from games hall to outdoor athletics can offer a discipline for you.  At a young age our classes and courses help develop balance, co-ordination and throwing skills.  Outdoor athletics takes place on our 6 lane track, a full range of field events are also catered for with club sessions offering qualified coaching. For Shetland Athletics Club contact details please ask reception.

Soft Play Court Hire

Meet friends, socialise and let your children play in a fun, safe and social environment. We have soft play equipment available to hire on any of our courts. It’s a great way to enjoy time with friends and let your children burn of some energy.

Dry Inflatable/Fun Sessions

All of our centres offer inflatable and fun sessions as part of their activity programmes. We have many sessions for your children to enjoy including, Playzone, Pre-School Fun, Parent & Toddlers, Fun Games, Peerie Kickers, Crafty Bouncers and much more.  Please contact your local centre or go to our junior activity page for details of their current activity programme.

Pool Inflatable/Fun Sessions

All of our pools offer inflatable and fun sessions as part of their junior activity programme.  Whether it is busy kids, Larry the Lobster, the Junior Challenge or the Dual Run these sessions are sure to be a hit with children of all ages.  Please contact your local centre or go to our junior activities page for details of their current activity programme.

Birthday Parties

It’s party time! Save yourself the stress of hosting a party at home and let us help you make your child’s next birthday even more enjoyable and memorable for everyone. We have range of birthday party options to suit all ages. Please view our Birthday Party page for more details.