Senior Fitness

Benefits of staying active

As we move into a gentler pace of life it is more important than ever to keep physically active.  Regular exercise which works the aerobic system (causing us to huff and puff!) has been proven to reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease and stroke, reduce blood pressure and the onset of type 2 diabetes.  Resistance exercises strengthen muscles, connective tissue and improve bone density.  Exercise can boost energy levels, improve memory, mood and mind.

Classes available:

Senior Cycle & Strength/Circuits

Fun is the key in all our Senior Classes.  Indoor Cycling helps build and maintain cardiovascular fitness along with muscle strengthening and circuit based exercises for that all over workout to keep you healthy and active.

Senior Aerobics & Fitness

A low impact (no jumping or jogging), aerobic based exercise to music class to inspire and motivate the over 50s, while the fitness session is a low impact circuit to work all areas of the body.

Walking Football

Rediscover the joys of playing football again through a new version of teh sport that slows the game right down to walking pace.  A lot of fun for anyone wanting to relive their glory days! Come along and give it a try.

Studio Timetable effective Apr-Jul 2018