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Cameras to be used to aid lifeguards at Clickimin Leisure Complex

January 5th 2015

Special cameras are to be installed in the pool at Clickimin Leisure Complex to enhance the safety of swimmers.

A combination of underwater and surface cameras will relay images to four screens at poolside lifeguarding positions where they will be monitored as part of routine duties.

The cameras, which are scheduled to go live when the pool re-opens on Thursday 29th January following the maintenance closure, have been approved by trustees of Shetland Recreational Trust (SRT) as an additional health and safety measure.

There will be no change to the number of lifeguards deployed on the poolside.

SRT general manager James Johnston said: “The safety of swimmers in our facilities is paramount, and technology is evolving all the time to aid lifeguards in carrying out their duties.

“We carried out a series of tests at all the pools in the Clickmin Leisure Complex earlier this year which identified a number of issues, in particular the amount of glare in the main pool.

“When we reported back to trustees, they instructed us to find a way to eliminate these small risks and we believe the cameras are the best and most cost-effective solution.”

He added: “This technology will not replace any lifeguards – it is there as a tool to help our lifeguards do their jobs.”

SRT chairman Bryan Leask said: “As trustees, we have a moral as well as a legal duty to ensure that people using our facilities are as safe as possible.

“Staff and trustees were impressed when they saw demonstrations of how the cameras would further enhance the safety of swimmers. They effectively give our lifeguards an extra pair of eyes.”

Mr Johnston said the cameras would not be installed at any of the SRT’s other facilities, only the pool within the Clickimin Leisure Complex.

The underwater cameras will be installed in the main pool and the surface cameras around the river area.

The images will be protected and managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.