Apex Fitness Suite & Aspire Studio

Our gyms at Clickimin Leisure Complex provide a wide range of high quality and modern equipment to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Whether it be cardio or strength and conditioning exercise you are after, we can offer you both! 

Apex Fitness Suite Apex Fitness Suite overlooks our Main Hall and is equipped with high quality Technogym Cardio Vascular (CV) equipment with built-in audio/visual technology. The well designed, durable and biomechanically precise fixed resistance equipment - together with light free-weight and stretching area - is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 

Aspire Studio is our new strength and conditioning gym. Located on our top floor above centre reception, it boasts top of the range strength and conditioning equipment - including Olympic lifting platforms, bars, plate weights and leg press (up to 320kg). We also have a suspension Aspire Studio training rig, kettle bells and various items of functional fitness equipment - everything you require for any sport or fitness strength and conditioning regime! 

Also on offer in Aspire is our gym based, high intensity interval training circuit class, called FuncFit Circuits. This class runs five times per week as part of our Studio Class Timetable and is a fantastic way to learn how to get the most out of Aspire. Be prepared to be challenged! 

All our Fitness staff are trained to (a mimimum of) Level 2 Gym Instructor and they are on hand to offer assistance, guide you through Inductions and design Personal Training Programmes to keep you motivated all year round. 

Are you a regular gym user and looking to save on costs? Check out our great value Subscription package options which offer unlimited access to a range of leisure activities including Gym, Swimming, Health Facilities & Fitness Classes!

See our Prices page for all individual costs. 

Gym Inductions

Gym Induction - 16yrs+ (£8.55)
All gym users must complete an induction prior to using our gyms. A member of our Fitness Team will take you through a short demonstration of our health & safety procedures along with giving you advice on using the fitness equipment. 

Users who already have an Apex Induction but wish to access Aspire:- we offer daily Aspire Inductions which can be booked at no charge through reception. If you require an Induction out with the set times you will have to pay the Induction fee. 

Junior Apex Gym Induction (13-15yrs) : 2 Parts (£8.55)
Our Junior Apex Induction gives younger members all the tools to get started in Apex. Completed in two parts, at the cost of a normal induction, our Junior members will learn the safe and effective use of the equipment along with all the relevant health and safety aspects involved with Apex. Consent forms are available from reception. 

Fitness Programmes

Fitness Consultation - 15 minutes (FREE) 
The first step is to book in for a free consultation with one of our Fintess Instructors, who will be able to advise you on the correct product for you, to enable you to get the maximum benefit from your fitness training. 

Fitness Programme - 1 hour (£22.20)
Get the most out of your workout by having a tailored fitness programme designed for you by one of our fitness team. After the initial consultation, our fitness staff will use your personal goals to design a programme to enable you to meet your fitness goals. Keep up the momentum and motivation by reviewing every 8-10 weeks to keep you on track. 

ONE TO ONE - 1 hour (£22.20)
1:1 training is a personal (weekly) session with one of our fitness team to enhance your fitness and training goals. Our fitness team will help you focus on the right type of training for you and push you harder for longer in your quest for a fitter healthier lifestyle. 

Gym Rules

  • A full induction of equipment must be completed prior to using our gyms. 
  • Ensure you read and understand our Health Commitment Statement. 
  • Use the equipment as it has been demonstrated to you or for the purpose it has been intended.
  • Don’t hog machines - please be generous to other users at peak times and limit CV usage to 20 minutes.
  • Avoid eating a large meal and do not drink alcohol before exercise.
  • Ensure that your clothing and footwear is suitable and properly fitting.
  • Warm up prior to exercise and cool down afterwards.
  • Do not train or continue to train if you feel dizzy or unwell.
  • We dont allow chewing gum in our building. 
  • Carry a towel - it’s more hygienic for others using equipment.
  • Wipe down machines after use.
  • Free-weights should not be removed from either gym and in Apex they should not be taken out onto the balcony.
  • Report any faults/breakages immediately to staff on duty or at reception.
  • Do not drop free-weights.
  • Don’t let weight stacks collapse - lift and lower with control.
  • Never place your fingers between or near moving parts.
  • Don’t add extra weight other than what is on the stack already.
  • Do not tolerate horseplay - any issues should be reported immediately to staff on duty or at reception.
  • Enjoy your workout!