Our new 250m2 Gym offers our customers a 50 station modern, high spec, inclusive space to achieve any fitness goals they may have.

New On Demand Cardio Workouts

Brand new to our Cardio machines (inc. treadmills, cross trainers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes & PowerMill climbers) - motivational, instructor-guided programs! Bored with the same workout? Come try a new motivational workout!

Clickimin Gym FAQ's

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The Gym opened on 18 February 2019 and is fitted out with the latest ranges from Life Fitness including a range of Cardio Vascular (CV), fixed weights, lifting platforms, free weights and functional exercise area.

Our CV range is from the Life Fitness Elevation™ Series, and aims to inspire our customers with technology that allows our members to get the most out of their exercise experience. Each machine is equipped with the latest Discover™ SE3 console which allows great entertainment and connectivity with the customer.

The nine station fixed weight machines come from the Life Fitness Optima Series and blends reliability, biomechanics and high style into a wide range of compact strength equipment. All Optima Series equipment simplifies strength training so people can easily meet their goals.

The two lifting platforms and free weights area are part of the HD Elite range, Hammer Strengths most durable rack line built for extreme training conditions. The HD Elite racks accommodate all the accessories and the half rack option allows you to have a smaller foot print, engaging more users in a more compact space whilst still delivering the same member experience as a full power rack.

The Synrgy 360XL functional rig gives Clickimin Gym a real ‘wow’ factor for all the customers.

The Synrgy360XL adds a wide range of workout options and encourages all user groups to participate in functional training rather than appealing only to the elite groups often associated with frames and suspension training.

The Synrgy360XL caters for all users and can be adapted for any user group and is ideal for inclusive classes, providing a fun new way to work out.

To enhance the customer experience the Clickimin Gym is equipped with its own Halo Fitness app. The app allows our instructors and customers to connect to each other and with all the equipment in the room, allowing them to:

  • Set goals and track progress
  • Create, add and find workouts
  • Create and add exercisers to the workout library
  • Send personalised workouts directly to clients

The app tracks activity and workouts and motivates both the customers and staff to achieve their goals whilst adding a personal touch to your customer experience. The app is available to download on i-phone and android devices.

  • Gym Tours/Sessions

    Gym Tour/Session - 16yrs+

    Welcome Tour15mins (Regular gym user) Complete Health Commitment Statement, shown briefly the equipment, screens, adjustments to machines and HALO setup = FREE

    Welcome Session 60mins
    (New to gym environment) Full welcome, complete Health Commitment Statement, shown equipment set-up adjustments to machines, screens, techniques, technology and HALO setup = Part 1: £9.70 | Part 2: (if required), up to 60 minutes, FREE

    Junior Gym Induction (13-15yrs) : 2 Parts (To book an Induction please contact us on 01595 741000)
    Our Junior Induction gives younger members all the tools to get started. Completed in two parts, at the cost of a normal induction, our Junior members will learn the safe and effective use of the equipment along with all the relevant health and safety aspects involved with the gym. Before we can carry out the Induction we require consent from a parent or guardian. You can download our consent form and bring this along with you to your Induction. Consent Forms are also available from Reception.

  • Gym Rules
    • A full induction of equipment must be completed prior to using our gyms.
    • Ensure you read and understand our Health Commitment Statement.
    • Use the equipment as it has been demonstrated to you or for the purpose it has been intended.
    • Don’t hog machines - please be generous to other users at peak times and limit CV usage to 20 minutes.
    • Avoid eating a large meal and do not drink alcohol before exercise.
    • Ensure that your clothing and footwear is suitable and properly fitting.
    • Warm up prior to exercise and cool down afterwards.
    • Do not train or continue to train if you feel dizzy or unwell.
    • We dont allow chewing gum in our building.
    • Carry a towel - it’s more hygienic for others using equipment.
    • Wipe down machines after use.
    • Free-weights should not be removed from either gym and in Apex they should not be taken out onto the balcony.
    • Report any faults/breakages immediately to staff on duty or at reception.
    • Do not drop free-weights.
    • Don’t let weight stacks collapse - lift and lower with control.
    • Never place your fingers between or near moving parts.
    • Don’t add extra weight other than what is on the stack already.
    • Do not tolerate horseplay - any issues should be reported immediately to staff on duty or at reception.
    • Enjoy your workout!