About SRT

Shetland Recreational Trust was established on 1 June 1982 and was originally known as the Clickimin Recreational Trust. The Trust has Charitable Status granted by the Inland Revenue in Scotland. The Scottish Charity Registration number is SC002179.

Shetland Charitable Trust has provided the Shetland Recreational Trust with capital funding for the seven rural leisure centres that are located adjacent to local secondary schools throughout the isles, as well as the Clickimin Leisure Complex in Lerwick.

The forerunner to the Shetland Charitable Trust was set up in 1976 to receive the income known as the Disturbance Receipts, which Shetland received from the oil industry until 2000. The Disturbance Receipts were intended to compensate the people of Shetland for siting the oil terminal at Sullom Voe.

The whole philosophy of the Shetland Charitable Trust, since its inception, has been to improve the quality of life for the people of Shetland. As a mainly funding organisation, Shetland Charitable Trust fulfils many of its objectives by awarding grants to specialist local charitable organisations, of which the Shetland Recreational Trust is one.

Shetland Recreational Trust’s first facility, Clickimin Leisure Complex, was officially opened on 30 March 1985 and during the last twenty years has seen a number of new facilities come on stream culminating on the 7 September 2002 with the opening of the West Mainland Leisure Centre.

Shetland is facing many challenges over the next few years. Some of the indigenous industries are struggling in the global market place, population numbers are falling and there is simply not enough money around to do all that the inhabitants might want to do.

In these circumstances, it takes vision and confidence to continue to invest in large scale facilities and leisure services and Shetland Charitable Trust should be congratulated for their investment.

The Shetland Recreational Trust , in partnership with Shetland Charitable Trust, are investing in the confidence of Shetland to face up to the challenges ahead and provide facilities that will attract people to come and live and work in Shetland and help to attract visitors.

Moreover, the Trust is investing in the health of the population by providing the infrastructure required for participation in a whole range of activities and the opportunity to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the capital funding, the Shetland Charitable Trust continue to provide a major contribution towards the running costs therefore ensuring that no cost is attributable to the Council taxpayer.