Apex Fitness Suite

Apex is equipped with Technogym Cardio Vascular (CV) equipment with built audio/visual technology to enhance your training experience. Well designed, durable and biomechanically precise fixed resistance equipment, suitable for all ages and fitness levels, along with light free weights complete our Apex Fitness Suite. 

Our fully qualified staff are trained to REPS Level 2 and above and are on hand to offer assistance, guide you through Inductions, Fitness Consultations and design Personal Fitness Programmes to meet your every fitness need.

Resistance Equipment – Upper Body: 

  • Chest Press
  • Shoulder Press
  • Upper Back
  • Vertical Traction

Resistance Equipment – Lower Body:

  • Adductor
  • Abductor
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Curl

Resistance Equipment – Multi Functional:

  • Ercolina
  • Pull-Up Bar
  • Free Weight Stack (up to 25kg)  

Cardio Vascular Equipment:

  • 6 Treadmills
  • 2 Recumbent Bikes
  • 1 Upright Bike
  • 2 E-Spinner Bikes 
  • 2 Cardio Waves 
  • 2 Varios
  • 2 Concept 2 Indoor Rowers 

Getting Started - Induction to Apex

Treadmill 16 years and over
Our Gym Instructors will illustrate correct usage of equipment, operating procedures, fire exits etc, and give you the key elements to a great workout using the equipment available.

Junior Gym for 13-15 year olds
Our Junior Gym induction gives younger members all the tools to get started in the gym.  Specifically designed for young adults, taking them through a series of 3 inductions that will enable them to come along to the gym and work at their own pace and level (please note that free-weights are not available to users under 16 years).

Fitness Programmes

Fitness Programmes
A personal Fitness Programme can transform your workout.  It sounds simple but the motivation, advice and encouragement can give you an amazing boost.  Whether you are looking for toning and fitness, lifestyle change or just need a bit of guidance, our Trainers will devise a 4-6 week programme that works best for the individual needs.  After 4-6 weeks we recommend a ‘Programme Review’ to update progress, set new goals and keep you on track.

Wall Art Personal Training (one-one)
It’s so much easier with our Personal Trainers.  Imagine having your own one-to-one expert to motivate you, monitor your progress and ensure you’re focusing on the right exercises.  A Personal Trainer won’t just help your fitness, they will help you reach your goals so much faster and have fun while you’re at it.  Accredited with degrees in health/sports sciences, and with nationally recognised Personal Training certificates, our Trainers will ensure you maximise your potential and reach your goals.

Body Mass Index (BMI)
Motivational Wording BMI is a standard height to weight ratio useful for classifying risks associated with weight gain. Percentage of body fat measurements can also be obtained to assess health risks.  If you would like to know your BMI our Gym Instructors will be happy to help.

If you are planning on using the Apex Fitness Centre regularly, then consider one of our Unlimited Leisure subscriptions which can save you money, while giving you unlimited access to the facility.

Gym Rules

  • A full induction of equipment must be completed prior to using our gyms. 
  • Ensure you read and understand our Health Commitment Statement. 
  • Use the equipment as it has been demonstrated to you or for the purpose it has been intended.
  • Don’t hog machines - please be generous to other users at peak times and limit CV usage to 20 minutes.
  • Avoid eating a large meal and do not drink alcohol before exercise.
  • Ensure that your clothing and footwear is suitable and properly fitting.
  • Warm up prior to exercise and cool down afterwards.
  • Do not train or continue to train if you feel dizzy or unwell.
  • We dont allow chewing gum in our building. 
  • Carry a towel - it’s more hygienic for others using equipment.
  • Wipe down machines after use.
  • Free-weights should not be removed from either gym and in Apex they should not be taken out onto the balcony.
  • Report any faults/breakages immediately to staff on duty or at reception.
  • Do not drop free-weights.
  • Don’t let weight stacks collapse - lift and lower with control.
  • Never place your fingers between or near moving parts.
  • Don’t add extra weight other than what is on the stack already.
  • Do not tolerate horseplay - any issues should be reported immediately to staff on duty or at reception.
  • Enjoy your workout!